zine of millie



As an elder Millennial, I'm in the right time frame to have played with HyperCard, though I never did. We were a PC household, and our computer labs at school were all IBMs. But I would have loved HyperCard, I can tell. Tools like that are so primed for weird creative kids to go wild on, and that's exactly who I was.

Millie brings that spirit of creative joy to her e-zine. Built in Decker, a spiritual successor to HyperCard, her zines cover anime, movies, music she's writing, and of course, THE BOY, all with the aesthetic of a 1991 Macintosh SE (dithered pictures included!).

I was really struck by this from Millie: "One thing I strongly feel is about the importance of making things and communicating online in a way that's independent of a certain platform." And yes, I love this, I feel this so strongly. I found these zines through CoHost, but they're served up on a delightfully sparse website. And in addition, if you email and ask, Millie will send you a copy of the zine on a 3.5 inch floppy disk. And that's perfect for this mission statement.

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