The Augusts

I dont know about you, but I got a bad case of the Augusts and got nothing of note done, and I've been climbing out of that hole since. It didn't help that we went into our busy season at work, which we're also slowly coming out of. So creative work has been minimal.

The Blaseball Zine Jam 2 came and went. I contributed a small thing for one of them (All Players Have Been Released), and made my own collection of sub-1000 word stories about the lives of players after the End of Blaseball (And You Wake Up Each Morning Not Scared of the Day To Come). It's not bad, I think. Got to talk about my blorbos, which is always nice.

I've been trying to do something visual again. I keep saying "I'm going to make a comic," which I say a lot and never do. So what if I did? Imagine that! I have an idea from a while back I'm going to poke and and see if I can do something small.

This push is entirely due to one Star Prichard, whose videos about tabling at cons I found on YouTube. I jumped into her comic, Castoff, because the art is adorable, and it pushes a lot of buttons for me turns out. Her video, How To Start Your Web Comic, really is what got me, the same way that Stolen Sharpie Revolution made me want to make zines. So I'm energized, which is nice to feel again.